Base Training: Week 1


So it turns out that the running part of base training is the easy part. It’s the motivation/habit part that’s going to kill me. Currently, the weather in Chicago is still Balls with a Chance of Ugh. I’m remembering how easily I allow myself to get derailed, and how that’s really something I need to focus on improving. Yea, yea, yea, we’ve all muttered “No Excuses!” to ourselves as we’ve trudged to the gym/running trail/fitness class, and we’ve all muttered, “Ok, but seriously this excuse is totally valid,” when we’ve elected to go straight home and climb into sweatpants and re-runs. This is more of a story of the latter, so you’re welcome. 

Week 1: Overall Excuse – Dogsitting, Work, Poor Planning

Last week, I dogsat for a dear friend. I love sitting on dogs, particularly this one, and this excuse can just be filed under poor planning and scrambled brain/priorities, rather than “dog.” Instead of checking the weather and packing a bunch of running clothes appropriate for said conditions, I threw a handful of mismatched items in my bag and called it a day. Spoiler alert: not sufficient for weather conditions. I was also slammed at work (which never happens), and was left feeling a little frazzled trying to meet some deadlines. 


  • Planned: 3
  • Excuse: I was legitimately sore from the 4.5 mile run + 4.5 mile walk I had done the day before, and thought it prudent to take the day off rather than push and accidentally end up with shin splints or some other hero malady.


  • Planned: 3
  • Excuse: None. I have no excuse.


  • Planned: Rest
  • Actual: Ran 1.5 miles to my apartment, checked on the cat and quickly cleaned/tidied, and ran the same distance back to my friend’s place. Cold, easy miles that count for very little but also a lot.


  • Planned: 3
  • Excuse: Weather. I literally threw my running clothes on the minute I got home, poked my head out of the front door, and immediately walked back inside and changed into sweatpants. So, that was one of my finer moments.


  • Planned: Rest
  • Actual: Nailed it.


  • Planned: 3-4
  • Excuse: Errands/life. Having just moved into my place, I’m still in serious “need all the things” mode. I spent most of the day walking around the city picking up various things. To be fair, I probably logged more mileage walking than I had planned to run, but by the time I got home, it was late, I was starving, and I was mentally exhausted.


  • Planned: Rest
  • Actual: Nailed it. I briefly considered making up Saturday’s mileage, but we got snow. Yes, snow. And it was freezing. And ain’t no one got time for that. I ran some more errands and puttered around the house. I also maybe accidentally drank an entire bottle of wine during Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1. #fitfluential

Now that I’ve basically gotten all of the excuses out of the way (haha.. ha…h..), I’m realizing that I really need to work on just getting out the door. These miles are quick and easy, and there’s really no reason for them to not happen. I’m looking forward to working on my mental game and building good habits, because at the end of the day, I will always feel better having done what I needed to do, rather than pretend it didn’t exist.

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  1. Like the weather report.


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