Monday Runday 3/30

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All the news that’s fit to sprint…


  1. If you can learn to do a one-armed plank in the land of the blind, you’re ahead of the game (or so the modified saying goes).
  2. The taper struggle is real, so here are some basic guidelines on how to structure those last 2-3 weeks.
  3. A helpful reminder about the long run.
  4. Dat ass, tho

Names and Faces

  1. Blake Russell: bad ass.
  2. Meb is just like, “Shit, man. Watch my feet.” (No, but seriously. He has some awesome perspective on sport, goals, and growing older.)

Real Science

  1. Let’s Run breaks down the newest maybe doping scandal: L-carnitine, Nike Oregon Project, and Salazar.

Races and Places

  1. Alexi Pappas took home first in Chicago’s annual Shamrock Shuffle, which officially opens race season for this cold-ass city. We’ll forgive her for choosing Giordanos over the far-superior Lou Malnatis…
  2. The World Cross Country Championships took place in China this weekend, but the US athletes were all like, “Ehhh, nah.” What I found really kind of uncomfortable was Jordan Hasay’s genuine sadness about being told that cross country is essentially off limits to Salazar’s athletes.
  3. That being said, here is a recap and some pics of the folks who were there.

Jam of the Week

George Ezra, who is basically a new Rick Astley and was a total stranger to me until this week’s SNL performance, kind of killed it. I’m still confused, but this was stuck in my head for the better part of Sunday.

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