Monday Runday 4/6

robot winter
Very real graffiti from the mean streets of Chicago’s North side…

These have been harder to do than I remember. I used to have a collection of go-to running news sources from which to pull my weekly links. I’ve had to rebuild my sources, and was determined to make this week better than last. (Inadvertently mailed that one in. Sorry, guys.) Without further ado…

Here’s all the news that’s fit to sprint!

Races and Spaces

  1. The IOC has relaxed their “Rule 40,” which severely limited an athlete (or brand’s) ability to advertise or promote sponsors during the games.
  2. When people say that ultra runners are a different breed, it’s because of races like the Marathon des Sables, a 6-day, 150-mile race through the Sahara, where you carry your own supplies and bedding. Oh, and there’s a 71-year-old vying for “oldest Brit.” No shit.
  3. Ok, so a kid taking a selfie from the lead position mid-race is kind of funny. He ended up 61/81, which seems about right…


  1. This guy is just goin’ around winning marathons and tugging at peoples’ heartstrings.
  2. Paula Radcliffe is a legend, and is standing as tall as her world records. Radcliffe, who runs for Nike, spoke out against Nike’s decision to sponsor Justin Gatlin, who has just come off of a doping suspension.
  3. Another bad ass isn’t faring so well. Ugandan distance star Moses Kipsiro has been receiving death threats after going public with  the rape allegations of his female teammates, some as young as 15, against a Ugandan coach. Kipsiro is currently in hiding, and is apparently considering leaving the country to keep himself and family safe. 😦
  4. Lauren Fleshman puts the quintessential set-back into better words than most.

Eats Shoots and Leaves

  1. If you hate taking huge, enormous horse pills filled with fish oil, you can probably stop and be just as healthy.
  2. This new low carb training strategy involves not eating carbs at dinner after hard workouts, or before secondary, light morning workouts doesn’t sound very fun, and quite frankly, sounds kind of bullshit. But, you know, I’m not a scientist. I just really love carbs.


  1. The Shakira strength regimen, if you will.
  2. Here’s a cool look at the bodies of runners of different ages, shapes, and distances.
  3. We’re all guilty of being headcases from time to time. Here are two articles that address some strategies for avoiding the worst of it, whether it’s rebounding from a bad race, or preparing for your next one.
  4. That “second wind” you got during last week’s race was probably in your head, but that’s not to say it’s not very real.


  1. If you’re a social scientist, WADA is currently offering grant opportunities for those interested in improving the anti-doping processes, perceptions, or profile. Pretty cool opportunity!

Jam of the Week

The Who – Baba O’Riley

This classic has been a running staple for pretty much ever. It’s basically one giant crescendo, and begs your legs to fly across the pavement. 


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  1. I always thought that fish oil was scam. Reminds me of the old joke – ” I just got out of rehab. I was addicted to placebos.”


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