Monday Runday 4/13

crotchThis weekend was a ton of fun, and involved catching up with some of my absolute favorite people… but it also meant that Monday snuck up on me like whoa.

But, enough excuses….

Here’s all the news that’s fit to sprint!

Races and Spaces

  1. The Loch Ness Marathon is offering $75k reward for a mid-race selfie with Nessie, so I’m 100% putting that down on my to do list.
  2. Shalane is aiming for a podium finish at Boston on a shortened training cycle, where her emphasis has been on maintaining in the final 10k.
  3. In weird-ass Kenyan news, a yet-to-be-named Kenyan marathoner is under a doping investigation, and Wilson Chebet didn’t say what you think he said..
  4. Mark Korir netted a personal best and a win at the London Marathon with a time of 2:05:49, which is also the amount of time it took me to eat brunch on Sunday.
  5. The Cherry Blossom 10-Mile was…. ~9.5 miles this year due to an accident-related reroute. Two Kenyans, Stephen Sambu and Mary Wacera, took 1st male and female, respectively.


  1. For something a little different, here is a gallery of famous athletes on their wedding days.
  2. Meb being all Meb, talking about how his dream is to compete in the marathon at Rio ’16… not because, you know, it’s the Olympics, necessarily, but because his daughter’s now old enough to appreciate/remember an Olympic marathon performance. Get out of here with your cute, Meb.
  3. Team Hoyt (the father and son racing team made up of Dick and Rick Hoyt) technically retired from the Boston Marathon in 2014. However, Rick isn’t finished, and Dick has asked close friend and local dentist Dr. Bryan Lyons to step into his [running] shoes. *holds bottom of eyes down to stop the tears from pooling*
  4. Many things separate Sylvia Weiner from the pack. She survived three concentration camps, including a stint at Bergen-Belsen, where she befriend Anne Frank. At 84yo, she still runs. She was the first-ever female masters champ at Boston, and her 1975 Wellesley story is awesome: “The only problem was the girls at Wellesley. They were so excited to see an older woman that they picked me up in the air, and offered me a beer. I said, ‘Let me go, I have to keep running.’”


  1. A reminder on how to recover like a champ.
  2. If you *are* running and/or hanging out in Boston any time soon, here are a few running routes to check out. Report back, please.
  3. Stress fractures are generally something to avoid, so here’s a breakdown of how to do so.
  4. An interesting read on athletes who have served doping suspensions, and whether their presence is welcome at races once a sentence has run its course.


  1. There is scientific evidence that distance runners are stronger reproductive partners. Cue eyerolls from every woman who has ever had to deal with 89% of male distance runners. If the split shorts aren’t an obvious indication of speed, you can also check to see if his ring finger is longer than his index finger, which is apparently a physical indicator of higher testosterone levels. No word on whether it means anything else, guys…
  2. Mark Wahlberg has decided to take time off from the Wahlburger burger franchise to make a movie about the Boston Marathon bombing. Bostonians think it’s wicked early for that shit.
  3. Apropos of absolutely nothing, here’s how to make your own peanut butter chocolate eggs.

Jam of the Week

Ariana Grande – I Have Nothing (Whitney cover)

Tiny cat-girl/wind-up-toy Ariana Grande is not my favorite, but damn. Even David Foster is like YAS, QUEEN.  

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