Base Training Week 4: Strength in Numbers

pain train
Muscles be like “hahahahahaha”

This week saw the introduction of a strength workout, and a little fewer miles (but still kind of ok, I guess?). It also saw some crazy social action (who am I?) and flat-like-a-pancake sleepies. In non-running news, if you bike around Chicago, here’s a pretty exciting update on some local trails.

Monday: Zero-ish. Busy day at work saw some pretty cool professional base-building, though, if you will. I signed up for the Big10k in July, (join me?). Most sadly, I tried to make a vegetable pot pie (my last Blue Apron meal), and instead of adding a few tablespoons of flour to the stew to thicken it, I added about a cup of buttermilk biscuit mix… so I ate pizza.

Tuesday: ~3 miles. I put on my big girl pants, braved the spitting rain, and buckled up for my first November Project workout. 1mi run to the workout site, about a mile’s worth of sprints throughout the hour-long session, and another mile home. My legs haven’t felt that weak in… ever. I was genuinely concerned that I was going to trip and fall on my face because my legs would just give out. While this was an awesome workout, it *definitely* took me out of commission longer than I would have liked…

Wednesday: 0. Everything hurts. I woke up more sore than I’ve been the day after marathons… I did get drinks with some law school girlfriends, which was lovely.

Thursday: 3 creaky miles. I woke up feeling completely flattened from Tuesday’s workout (still!), but after work I was determined to shake out a bunch of the junk in my muscles with a few miles on the path. These were a little slower (9:30 pace), but actually felt ok. Stretching, however, was a huge joke, and my legs felt like steel rods, so I gave up and crawled onto the couch and ate pickles for dinner. (Not because of any weird muscle benefits, but because I was too tired/hungry to do anything else.)

Friday: None. I thought about a few more miles to shake out so residual soreness, but I glad buried with work, and spent the evening holed up with… you guessed it… a Papa Johns pizza. I’m not even sorry anymore.

Saturday: 6 miles @ 9:05-9:15. Wut. I was still sore (yes, from TUESDAY), but I had a busy weekend on tap, and wanted to knock out a longer run to shake myself a bit. It was an absolutely beautiful morning, and the sunshine had a lot to do with my mood. I hovered around 9:20-:30 for the first two miles, and then spent the rest of the time in the 9:05-:10 range. I even cranked out the final 1/2mi at 8:45 pace, which was pretty cool.

Making brunch plans

This weekend, ALL the people were visiting from out of town. After my run, I met a few friends for a bachelor/birthday party, almost got stuck in a shopping cart, and then hit up Revolution Brewery’s Tap Room, which is a really cool space, and I highly recommend it. They have a photo booth, and you can take a free brewery tour, so is there really more to life?

I finished the evening grabbing dinner with a dear friend and drinking way too many margaritas, which is what you do with dear friends.

Sunday: 4-5 walking? Brunch!!! The group reconvened at Mon Ami Gabi, where our waitress, at 10a.m., proceeded to yell talk at us. Even after copious amounts of coffee, no one was prepared for the volume. I bid farewell to my friends, who were scattering back to their respective corners of the map, and walked a good 4-5 miles while I ran errands around the ‘hood. My evening concluded with the season premiere of Game of Thrones and thai food, as every evening should.


I didn’t *quite* get the 4 running days I was hoping for (although I’m counting the 4th day of walking miles as a half-ish attempt). The strength workout was awesome, but definitely derailed my running a bit. Moving forward, I’m hoping to hit one November Project workout a week, and perhaps supplement with some Nike+ workouts at home (or, at minimum, some planking or things I can do around the apartment, like box jumps and such). We’ll try for 4 running days again this week, and see what kind of mileage I’m able to log. The warmer weather and longer days definitely makes it easier for this girl to get out the door, and I’m working on the “uhhhhh dun wanna” mentality that tends to plague me when I’m tired and cranky. For the record, parts of me are still sore from my workout (now more than a week ago), so I’m 100% in perfect shape.

Total Running Days: 4 + 1 strength workout
Total Miles: 12 (+4-5 walking?)

Total Papa Johns Pizzas: 1

My next karaoke jam:

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