Base Training Week 5-6: Oops?

image The last week or so really got away from me, and I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired or interested in recapping things. For posterity, and continuity, and other important, narcissistic reasons, I will briefly fill you in on what’s been going on:

Week 5: Sun Spots

Monday: 3 @ 9s.

Tuesday – Thursdayzero, facilmente 

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:45s

Beautiful weather dragged me away from my desk. My original plan of 3-4 miles got stretched as my face soaked in the sunshine. Freckles season has begun.

Saturday: 7 miles @ 8:50s

This was a very windy run on the back half, which left me pretty mentally exhausted. It was a solid kick in the pants that the marathon will be a mental game almost moreso than physical. I spent a few minutes admiring the view of the city at Olive Park. For those unfamiliar, it’s a hidden gem tucked away just north of Navy Pier. I ran down the promenade into full-on, feel-the-wind-roaring-in-your-ears kind of headwind, and was rewarded with this spectacular view:

Just pretend this isn’t a random wedding photo from the internet, but rather a beautiful shot I captured with the phone I don’t run with.

I took a moment to be thankful for this city: for its views, for its vibrancy, for its warmer months, for its lessons and love, for my freedom. I let my heart swell up, and admired the bright yellow broom shrubs. For those few moments, I allowed everything to wash over me. I was happy.

The 3+ miles home were spent running fully into the wind, and it was a mental chore to push myself onward. I took a few more seconds at my water stops than normal, and it was a nice reminder that things are going to get hard before they get done. I felt like I was running in place, at times, and tried to slow my pace to keep a steady effort, but whenever I checked my watch, my pace hovered consistently around 8:50. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see such low numbers on these runs.

Sunday: 0 miles

Week 6: The lost miles

Monday – Tuesday: a whole lotta nope

Wednesday: 3.5mi @ 8:30s. wut.

My GPS was taking forever to sync with the spaceship, and it was pretty chilly, so I figured I’d just run with a stopwatch and guesstimate the miles. About 1/2 mi in, I finally got some signal, but the overall pace was all over the place (I was for sure not running at the 15min/mi pace Garmin kept insisting I had). A little windy and chilly, but I felt pretty light and fast. The effort felt a little harder than previous runs, but I figured I was hungry and whiney (never underestimate that combination). When I got home, I calculated *actual* pace for the final distance, and was really surprised to see 8:30s. No wonder the effort felt a bit harder. Oops! #AccidentalTempo?

Thursday – Saturday: cold, lazy nopes

Sunday: 8mi @ 8:50s

Don’t feed after midnight…

I was majorly lazy this week, and the weather made it pretty easy to watch the world pass from my couch. I woke up Sunday knowing that a run would need to happen, but not particularly rabid about starting my day bright and early. I finally got the energy to peel myself away from the couch around 1pm, got slightly overdressed, threw my slightly damp hair in a standard braid, and decided to see where the path took me. The weather was beautiful, and my miles were clicking off pretty quickly (9:30 for the first, after which I settled into 9s; and finished the final 2-3 miles at 8:45s).

I got back and realized that the season’s first official squirrel hair had happened. My hair’s pretty thick and wavy, but it has a fine texture. Moisture is not my friend. Sweatier (rainier, or otherwise wetter) sessions (for the past few years) have found my hair literally shrinking up into bonsai-esque shapes that require almost as much effort to untangle as they do to run the X number of miles. It’s pretty much my upper body workout.


My body is responding well to increased mileage on longer runs, but I still need to get better about increasing the volume of workout days per week. The weather in Chicago can start cooperating any day now.

Total Running Days: 3 and 2
Total Miles: 15
and 11.5
Total Papa Johns Pizzas: 0 (aren’t you proud, guys?!)

My next karaoke jam:

I saw these guys last week, and they were fun to watch in a small venue. I won’t be karaoking this anytime soon, but it might find its way into my collection:

Hey Rosetta! – Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)

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