Base Training Week 7: Here Comes the Sun

Its not summer in Chicago until you have a sports bra tan line!

This week was a little less running productive in some ways, but I’m still decently pleased with how it shook out. By “shook out” I mean I got a bunch of Vitamin D and the wheels didn’t fall off.

Monday: Nada.
Tuesday: 5k @ 8s.

I’ve been telling myself no speed work, and this wasn’t breaking that rule as much as it was a blurry attempt to outrun some work stress. It was chilly (perhaps a bit too chilly for my spandex shorts and tank top), and the air was muggy and wet. Upon realizing that my body kind of wanted to cruise a bit, I figured that this would be a good baseline check-in for the 5k I have on the books next month. My current 5k PR is 24:38 (7:55 pace) from Nov 2012, so this run essentially matched that. That says less about my current fitness, though, and more about that old-ass PR. At the time, I was really proud of it. Now, all I see is potential to blow it out of the water. I had a moment at the end of this run where I realized that my pain threshold had increased tremendously — where I had finished my PR effort wanting to vomit (with some really horrid race photos to prove the all-out pain face), I finished this run feeling… good. Uncomfortable, but not pained.

In my training for Wisconsin back in 2013, I ran a track workout that put my 5k fitness around 22 minutes, and I felt pretty in control. I’d love to fall closer (or surpass that) this year; but, since the focus is on 26.2, this will be more of an incidental goal/pleasant bonus.


I had dinner plans. And work. And little-to-no desire to do more than those things

Saturday: 9.8mi at 9:05ish

This run felt amazing — I was determined to hit the pavement and see where my body felt like taking me. Sunshine on my shoulders meant the first sports bra tan line of the season. I ran south along the lake, through the congested Ohio Street Beach area, where current construction of a new flyover bridge (wahoo!!) is underway. I just kept motoring, feeling really smooth and enjoying the weather — eventually hitting the Monroe Harbor promenade, and stopping for a moment to check out the insane temporary structures the city assembled for the NFL Draft. The first half of this run clocked around 9:15-:30s, and I made a point to reel things in for the second half, averaging around 8:45-50s for the final 5+ miles. I’ve been focusing really hard on hitting negative splits on in the hopes that my body starts becoming comfortable with the next gear.

Emoji faces for days

I chased this run with some major productivity – groceries, various errands – when the weather is this pleasant in Chicago, I have a really hard time not running around (even if it’s completely wanderlust with no real end-game). My brother also hosted a roof party for the fight/Derby. No less than 4 people asked if I was headed to a rooftop for the simple fact that I was carrying around a 12-pack of Corona. #summer

Sundaywhat’s less than zero?

I had grand intentions of logging a quick shake-out. Instead, I made hummus and watched Game of Thrones. “You know nothing, John Snow.” (whaaaaaaat… Egrit2.0?!?!?!)


I’ve been really enjoying my long runs this training cycle – to say that’s weird for me would be an understatement. I’ve typically worried about these longer runs — so much pressure and built-up anxiety (over what, I’m not really sure). These days, I’m reveling in my city, my path, my training, my sunshine. Those miles are exciting and liberating, and I’m sure they’ll get harder, and I’m sure I’ll be anxious or uncomfortable at some point in the future, but for now, I’m happiest losing myself in the moment.

“I do, however, need to start upping my weekly mileage and days on my feet,” she said repeatedly to the air in hopes it would stick.

Total Running Days: 2
Total Miles: 13

Total Papa Johns Pizzas: 1 (sorry, not sorry)

My next karaoke jam:

Go West – King of Wishful Thinking

This has been stuck in my head for a few days now… mostly because it’s an amazing jam. (You’re welcome.)

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