Base Training Week 8: Solo Practitioner

American Beer Classic
Just a normal day at Soldier Field

This was a weird week. A less-than-ideal week as far as running was concerned, but some good life stuff happened. And some mediocre life stuff happened. And just normal stuff. I stretched properly for the first time in. um. ever? My brother and I attended a very large beer festival at Soldier Field – the first time either of us had been there since we ran our second very lackadaisically-trained version the Soldier Field 10 Mile back in 2012. Around my neck is a pretzel necklace — my dad asked if it was pepperoni, to which I replied, “No, weird, but genius…?” It was slightly freezing, so not ideal weather, but always a good day when you can laugh your face off and drink unlimited amounts of beer (they ran out of tasting coupons – each ticket gets you a certain amount of coupons – so when we entered, they were like “Sorry, no coupons – all you can drink!”). Some good beers (Berghoff had a particularly good presence) and some really bad ones (looking at you, Evansville brewery that might have poured us skunked Tecate).

imageThursday5 mi @ 8:15

Yup. You read that right. One run this week. I originally set out thinking I just needed to Forrest Gump myself into oblivion, but while my head wanted long, my legs wanted fast. I cruised around 8:30 for the majority, reeling myself in for the last 2 miles, and feeling simultaneously lighter (from leaving extraneous emotions on the lake path) and heavier (from a decently aggressive effort). It was a satisfying ache and exhaustion, and the heat meant that it was also a major sweatfest.

This is the one I nabbed from Sports Authority

I bought a new sports bra last week: Champion’s “The Show Off” bra. Great support, and nice aesthetic (racer back, thinner straps, fun colors, doesn’t look like a nursing bra?), but the thinner straps seem to give me serious shoulder stress points, and the adjustment area of the straps started to rub towards the end of this 5-miler. I actually really like Champion’s bras (my current favorite isn’t available on the website and I have no idea what it’s called), so I’m a bit bummed that this one isn’t quite right for longer/sweatier efforts (as we look towards summer marathon training…), but one can never have too many sports bras.


I’d blame this on the weather, or my schedule, or really just about anything, but the fact remains that I just didn’t want to. I had a pretty stressful week, and Thursday’s run helped me to process some excess emotions (both good and bad – my feels were literally brimming up over my eyes). It’s been a while since I sought exhaustion in that way, but sometimes, deadening yourself is the only appropriate recourse. In the next few weeks, I really need to nail down a training plan for Chicago — I’m starting to feel excited about a schedule, and about getting consistent, and while I’ve 100% been flying by the seat of my pants thus far (and completely ignoring any kind of “written plan” I put together a few months ago), there’s no way I can train effectively in this manner.

Total Running Days: 1

Total Miles: 5

Total Papa Johns Pizzas: 1 (and it hurt so good)

My next karaoke jam:

Passenger – Walk You Home

This is legitimately on my “stop everything and dance” list, so feel free to add it into the rotation. Video seems to be him performing at a train station of some sort, so not really sure how to improve the experience for you.


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  1. Justin Horneker May 11, 2015 — 10:34 pm

    I don’t know how you do papa johns…


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