Writing the Ship

Chicago Marathon 2008
Cheesing for my parents in Old Town (mile 10ish) of my first Marathon – Chicago, 2008.

As much as I love running, writing about running on a regular basis gets pretty damn boring. I’ve neglected this space for a few weeks, but moving forward, I expect that I will likely highlight big workouts, or the way I felt doing certain things. I don’t see myself logging my ongoing training on here in any regular fashion. (But I reserve the right to change my mind – bear with me!) I have been logging my training on Daily Mile, and in my own training log, so perhaps I’ll share my mileage in some form, rather than an exhausting list of what I should have done versus what I did. Logging these workouts, and my feelings as they happen, can be mildly entertaining, but those kinds of posts tend to dissipate into the ether of the internet. In reality, they really only serve as a personal documentation of my strengths, weaknesses, successes and hardships through the lens of my day-to-day life. Outside of the general numbers, and thoughts on how training is going in light of the schedule, I’m not really sure how helpful weekly recaps are to anyone else. More importantly, I’m not sure how much of my time I want to dedicate to compiling them.

These days, I’m finding more inspiration in the connection between body and mind — in the fear, or hope, or joy; in the cracks between the miles; in the emotions or feelings that those miles inspire or make room for. The posts may involve running, or they may involve the thoughts I have because I’m running. For every step of my training, I create tiny rips in my muscles, rips that are repaired with even more tissue, and result in a stronger, more powerful self. My heart and my brain are two muscles that are reaping the same benefits along the Lakefront Path, and I feel a strong urge to document those changes in way that my training log never has. Before I was a runner, I was a human, and before I was a human, I was promise and excitement for two of the best people on the planet. I hope to honor that by being the best version of me – the human, the runner, the writer. On and off the internet.


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  1. I also got tired of writing weekly recaps. I guess they’re nice to review, sort of like a training journal, but pretty boring for everyone else. I support whatever you choose to write, my dear.


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