Chi Town Training: Week 6

TRAINING WEEK 6: Cutting Back (or “Nope”)

Completed 2/5 workouts for a total of 10 miles for the week + 0 strength workouts. This mv5bmtq3mdm1mdu2nf5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzm3otiznze-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_week was scheduled as a bit of a cutback week: two speed workouts of normal length, but a noticeably shorter long run (3 miles – does that even count?). I fought this week to feel excited or physically there, and clearly lost that battle. That being said, my body (if not my mind) needed a break, so I took one. Sorry not sorry. Instead, I did things like meet friends for delicious tiki drinks, and caught a panel discussion on gender-based violence with our current State’s Attorney candidates (complete with #16shots protest). I also went to the movie theater and saw Race. Pretty sure watching a movie about an Olympic track and field athlete counts as training.

Mini Movie Review: I wasn’t super familiar with Jesse Owens story, and while it felt a little Disneyfied in the first 30 minutes (the background/lead-up was rushed…this movie hit the plot running), it opened up some interesting story lines and kept me engaged. I found myself angry and uplifted and horrified, so I guess the movie did its job. Go see it as a matinee or rent at home.

  • Workout #140 minute tempo
    [Actual: nope]
    I thought about it. I really did. Then I thought better of it.
  • Workout #24 @ goal race pace (currently 8:15 – 8:30)
    [Actual – 4 miles (8:43; 8:37; 8:23 + walk/jog mile] 
    I ran this on the lakefront, and it was the first speed work I remember doing outside in a long time. I did myself every favor in the book by fueling my workout with wine, steak tartare, mussels, and cheese. Needless to say, this felt harder than I would have liked, and the final race pace mile I put in had me feeling pretty queasy and a little light-headed. It was warmer outside, which was also a new sensation for me. These miles felt good in the sense that I did them, and that I knew they weren’t my best effort, even if they were all I had that day. The last mile was some jogging/walking as my stomach eased up, but it was nice to enjoy the sunshine!
  • Long Run: 3 miles on the lakefront path.
    [Actual: 5.25 miles @ 8:30 pace]
    Remember when I had trouble maintaining three miles at a slower pace the day before my long run? I went into this knowing I wanted to add a  1-3 miles extra onto this “long run” having skipped 1,000 workouts this week, and figured I would play it by ear. I ran this watch-less, because obviously one workout on a fully charged Garmin  the day before was sufficient to drain the battery (smh).

    Battery drain mystery solved! Apparently after my race pace miles, I ran another 7mi of living room laps while my watch sat in a bowl by the door? #technology

    I caught the time on a building’s electronic sign at the start/end of this run to get a ballpark estimate of my pace, and just allowed myself to enjoy it. A sunny 50’ish degree long run in late February is about as good as it gets in Chicago. My left foot (the troublemaker) felt a little cranky in a complete opposite part from my injury, but it loosened up after about 1/2mi, and my legs felt pretty fresh after that. I was in a decidedly better mood for this run than I was for my previous day’s workout. I didn’t want to murder people with no spacial awareness, and I felt strong. Towards the end, I felt my skin tightening up in that “almost too much sun” way. Guys. I almost had my first sunburn of the year. That, in of itself, is reason to celebrate. #rainbowrun


Mental/Physical Update: Hahahaha training. I needed a break and I took it. In the past, I’d beat myself up about that. Now? I’m just happy to be running outside, happy my foot is cooperating, and trying my best to balance “don’t want to” with “DON’T WANT TO.”
Strength Routine: I took a break from my strength work. My left shoulder has been bothering me lately, and I’m pretty sure my newly-introduced side planks are the culprit (despite painstakingly trying to keep my weight underneath me and correctly positioned.) Yes, I know that lunges and Russian twists and donkey kicks don’t involve my shoulder, but I used my shoulder as an excuse to be entirely lazy versus selectively smart. #science
Moving Forward: The weather is warming up ever so slightly, the daylight hours are longer, and my brain is slowly shifting back into training mode. I’m about a month out from the half marathon with no idea what to expect, and maybe it’s better to be surprised. Post-race brunch tastes better that way.

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