My name is Hillary, and if you ever find yourself running along Chicago’s Lakefront Path, hillary.GIFfeel free to pretend you didn’t see me air drumming. I have a cat and a pretty rad life partner; I love Chipotle and Kurt Vonnegut; and one time I side-fived E!’s Giuliana Rancic.

My story isn’t all that compelling. One day, tired of being forced to wear dresses because I didn’t like how tight my pants had become, I started running. There are times when I run less, and times I run more. There are also times where I’ll talk about things other than running. I like being active and trying new things – I’m currently espousing the benefits of Orangetheory – and I find comfort in sweat. If you’re here for expert opinions, medical advice, or dog pictures, you’re really bad at Googling. But welcome – I’m glad you’re here!

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