Training Plans

Obligatory Disclaimer: Below are a collection of my training plans; I’m not an expert, and where things didn’t quite work as intended, I’ll try to note that. These plans are largely cobbled together from well-known plans (Higdon, Hansen, etc), with tweaks made to incorporate specific types of workouts that I enjoy, or that have worked for me in the past. Feel free to use/borrow/tweak as needed — as a new runner, picking a training plan was daunting, and I often leaned on the plans of others. If any of these help you to achieve your goals, I’m happy to pass that forward. If you have specific questions about any of these plans/workouts, I’m happy to answer them as to my best ability!

Half Marathons

chi town half training plan
Chi Town Half Marathon (click to enlarge) 
  • This plan uses Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon training plan as a base, with minor changes made to incorporate specific workouts and races.
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